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Thursday, September 05, 2019 - Sunday, September 08, 2019
07:30 PM - 05:30 PM
KSSF - Kardecian Spiritist Society of Florida
4561 NW 18th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, USA

The Kardecian Spiritist Society of Florida, Inc.- KSSF is located in Deerfield Beach, South Florida, US just 40 minutes north of Miami. KSSF is affiliated to the Spiritist Federation of Florida. KSSF offers a friendly place for the study, dissemination and practice of Spiritism as a religion, philosophy, and science according to the works of Allan Kardec.

The KSSF promotes every year its SPIRITIST WEEK. This is the 14th year of the event and we will have the following guests: Decio Iandoli (Brazil), Andrei Moreira (Brazil), Rossandro Klinjey (Brazil) and Suzana Simoes (US). The main theme this year is "THE SUSTAINABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING SPIRIT".

The event will happen from September 5th (Thursday) to September 8th (Sunday). The first day, Thursday (September 5th) is FREE ADMISSION and, it will take place at KSSF - Kardecian Sspiritist Society of Florida - 254 SW 12th Ave. Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442. The second day, Friday (September 6th) is a CLOSED EVENT BY INVITATION ONLY - to all Spiritist Workers from all US Spiritist Centers. Registration is MANDATORY for this event by all Spiritist Workers. Saturday and Sunday (September 7th and 8th) there is a minimum donation of $25 per day.

The entire event will be in Portuguese and simultaneously translated into English for the local audience.

This year the event won't take place at our Spiritist Center. To get our friends more comfortable, we've got a bigger and better place. The event will take place at 4561 NW 18th Ave. Deerfield Beach, FL 33064 - at the CLUB HOUSE. (Just 5 minutes from KSSF).

The Schedule will be as following:


September 5th - 7:30pm - Decio Iandoli with "The Triple Brain in the Service of the Spirit"- "O CÉREBRO TRIUNO A SERVIÇO DO ESPIRITO"

FRIDAY - CLOSED EVENT BY INVITATION ONLY - REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY - Only to Spiritist Workers from the Spiritist Centers in US.

September 6th - 7:30PM - All Speakers Panel - 30' each speaker with "The Challenge of beign a Spiritist Worker" - "O DESAFIO DE SER UM TRABALHADOR ESPÍRITA"


September 7th - 9:15am - Andrei Moreira with "The Lost Sheep" - "A OVELHA PERDIDA"

September 7th - 10:20am - Decio Iandoli with "Mental and Physical Health" - "SAÚDE MENTAL E FÍSICA"

September 7th - 11:25 - Rossandro Klinjey with "Low Self-Esteem - Contemporary Syndrome " - "BAIXA AUTO-ESTIMA - SÍNDROME CONTEMPORÂNEA"

September 7th - 1:40pm - Andrei Moreira with "Depression - From Physical to Spiritual"- "DEPRESSÃO - DO FÍSICO AO ESPIRITUAL"

September 7th - 2:45 - Rossandro Klinjey with "Suicide - Life is Worth"

September 7th - 4:10pm - Decio Iandoli with "The Vices and the Cerebral Biochemistry" - "OS VÍCIOS E A BIOQUÍMICA DO CÉREBRO"


September 8th - 10:15am - Andrei Moreira with "If You Don't Heal Yourself from What Hurt you, You will Bleed on Those Who did not Hurt You" - SE VOCÊ NÃO SE CURAR DO QUE TE FERIU, VOCÊ IRÁ SANGRAR ENCIMA DE QUEM TE FERIU".

September 8th - 11:20am - Decio Iandoli with : Forgiveness Therapy - The Responsibility for the Re-Emergence of the Being" - "PERDÃO TERAPIA - A RESPONSABILIDADE A FAVOR DO REERGUIMENTO DO SER"

September 8th - 2pm - Rossandro Klinjey with "The Self-Love Wants to Arrive' - "O AUTO AMOR PEDE PASSAGEM"

September 8th - 3:10pm - Suzana Simões with "May Shine Your Inner Light" - "BRILHE A VOSSA LUZ".

We will have coffee and lunch breaks on Saturday and Sunday, as well a Q&A Session in the end of both days Saturday and Sunday, with all speakers.

We hope you can join us in this incredible journey - The 14th year of our Spiritist Week - KSSF.

Thank you in advance!

An event by Kardecian Spiritist Society of Florida - KSSF.

The KSSF is located at 254 SW 12th Ave. Deerfield Beach, FL 33442.

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